On Camera Presentation Training

Confidence comes from mastery and mastery comes from practice – Randy Gage

The advent of the digital age has given rise to the importance of online video content. A video with a good presenter/s can engage and influence stakeholders. How others immediately perceive you or your business comes down to the first few seconds of you on camera!

Media Manoeuvres’ On Camera Presentation course will give executives and key employees greater confidence in presenting a range of different information on a variety of platforms – using proven on camera presentation styles to get your message out there to engage audiences with impact and influence.


Whether managing corporate marketing communications or video content for employee communication, through one-on-one personalised sessions or small group sessions, our trainers will arm you with the skills and secrets to enhance your individual style, and present on camera like a professional.

A top tip to presenting well on camera

Knowing the subject matter well doesn’t guarantee success, it’s the ability to articulate your message with personality and an engaging style on camera that counts.

Guidance from professional TV media trainers through interactive and individualised sessions shows you the techniques you need to be comfortable presenting to a camera – so when you are ready to make your video, you or your spokesperson can concentrate on connecting with the audience.

FACT: It’s not pure luck that TV reporters look so at-ease in front of a camera, speaking with eloquence and fluency. It takes specific on camera training plus rehearsing, preparation and experience.

Some of the skills you’ll learn on the On Camera Presentation course

  • Discover the secret to telling powerful stories
  • Learn the 3-step blueprint that TV presenters use to engage their audience
  • Develop a natural style in delivering content using an autocue
  • Gain confidence in presenting a range of different information on camera
  • Know your audience and what they want to hear from you
  • How to be engaging and to the point
  • Skills to be more compelling on camera
  • Get camera confident and learn to love the camera so you leave your audience with a lasting impression

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