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Media training boosts confidence to consistently deliver your key messages Media Manoeuvres, Australia’s largest media training and reputation management company, tailors all training programs to your precise needs.

We know the media

Together with our team of highly expert trainers, we can teach you how to work with journalists
effectively and use the media as a powerful tool to build your business.

WE SPECIALIse on 8 key areas

To help you boosts confidence to consistently deliver
your key messages

Media Spokesperson Training

Having a good media spokesperson on your team can make all the difference between your company’s superior reputation and a bad one. That’s why training in this area can reap huge rewards for your business.

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Executive Presentation Skills

You only get one chance to make a first impression … and with the changing face of the media and digital world, the time it takes to make that impression is only a few seconds. But repairing a poor impression can take months – sometimes much longer.

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Crisis Communications

Talking to the media can be overwhelming on a good news day, so coming face to face with the media when confronted by a crisis can be extremely stressful. Keeping a clear head and delivering key messages to the public while dealing with the media’s demands can be almost impossible, unless you are well trained in the area.

Issue-Based Media Training Crisis Media Skills TrainingCrisis Simulations
Desktop Multimedia Role Play

Schools Crisis and Issues Management

Media Manoeuvres has a well-established reputation as school crisis management experts. We provide strategic issues and crises planning and organisational media skills coaching to many national and international educational institutions and schools. Before the media calls, schools call us.

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Stakeholder Communications

A strategic approach to stakeholder and media communications, which recognizes the importance of good relationships, can transform a company’s communications program. Designing thoughtful, meaningful and substantial stakeholder communication approaches that align with a company’s objectives, and that are appealing to the media, is vital.

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Presenting to Camera

The advent of the digital age has given rise to the importance of online video content. A video with a good presenter/s can engage and influence stakeholders. How others immediately perceive you or your business comes down to the first few seconds of you on camera!

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Senate Estimates Performance and Preparation Skills

Answering tough and unexpected questions at a Senate Estimates hearing can discourage even the most experienced public servant. Our courses, conducted by highly trained media professionals, arm trainees with the ability to respond to difficult questions in a calm and confident manner.

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Strategically aligned virtual learning, including webinars, workbooks and forums, can be blended (if required) with face-to-face traditional formats to allow consistency, flexibility and cost efficiency to achieve your media training goals.

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