Online Media training is delivered to your workplace virtually

Custom-designed media eLearning programs help build skills and confidence

We know there are three main reasons why face-to-face media training can be difficult for some organisations:

1. Your people are time-poor
2. Your people are geographically dispersed and face to face training is difficult to coordinate
3. The budget just doesn’t stretch far enough

As a bespoke media and communications training company, Media Manoeuvres can custom create an eLearning program that can be delivered online, via your company’s intranet, each employee’s mobile device or USB.

Organisations working across multiple time zones and/or with geographically dispersed personnel, or large membership numbers, will benefit from our online media training solutions.

Strategically aligned online media training, including webinars, workbooks and forums, can be blended (if required) with face-to-face traditional formats to allow consistency, flexibility and cost efficiency while achieving your media goals.

A number of our member-based association clients or companies are already using our online eLearning Media Spokesperson Skills programmes as cost-effective training.


“I thought I’d let you know that registrations for the online media training are steadily going up – over 700, as of today. At those numbers the cost is very low per person which is great value given face to face training needs much higher budgets.

If we were doing face-to-face training it would have resulted in just a dozen people trained as opposed to more than 700 who have done the course.

The feedback has been excellent and even the more media experienced psychologists think it is fantastic.”

Australian Psychological Society  


We will never abandon face-to-face training, because it is too important for key spokespeople in your organisation to have the opportunity for rehearsal and feedback; but eLearning is flexible and cost effective as a first step in training your people.

It is also very convenient for busy people as they can do the eLearning online course any time, either in the workplace or at home.

And it’s fun online! The courses are simple and easy to access. They are not full of large files to download.

Every course can be customised for your organisation and, as with our face to face training, the eLearning courses are based on best practice, instructional course design and adult learning principles.

So you can be happy knowing that your trainees will experience maximum learning and skill outcomes.

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For details on our media, stakeholder or presentation skills training, please contact us today on the following numbers around Australia:

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