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Confidence comes from discipline and training. Robert Kiyosaki, author

In today’s corporate world, strong presentation skills are critical for industry leaders. Companies only get one chance to make a first impression, and repairing a poor impression can take months – sometimes much longer.



Media Manoeuvres’ executive presentation skills coaching provides trainees with the techniques to deliver with impact. Our trainers teach the skills (and secrets) of dynamic speaking to help trainees achieve their objectives and get the best outcome.

Great presentation skills come down to 3 elements:

  1. Taking the time to plan (including finding the key messages)
  2. Practising your delivery
  3. Being confident and relaxed in the delivery (even the best presenters are nervous before a presentation), whether it is to the public, your stakeholders or staff.

Some public speakers and presenters are born with the ‘gift of the gab’, but modern presentation is about so much more than that.

FACT: Few of us are natural speakers. When someone portrays a great speaking presence, we assume they are a ‘natural’. The reality is that a natural presence requires preparation, training and practice.

Everyone is different. In one-on-one personalised coaching sessions or small group sessions, our trainers will show executives how to enhance their individual style and produce a presentation that is as unique as they are.


Some of the skills you’ll learn on the Presentation Skills course:

  • The elements of an effective, dynamic presentation (preparing, planning and delivering)
  • Identifying the desired outcomes and how to reach them through persuasion and influence
  • Understanding the needs of your audience
  • The secret to telling powerful stories
  • Engaging body language
  • Effective vocal delivery
  • Projecting your natural warmth and personality
  • Managing nerves
  • Confident Q&A management


On-Camera Presentation Skills

If you regularly present to camera or create video content, you may be interested in our Presenting to Camera skills training.



“Very useful, highly impressive – helped me polish my presentation skills even more. Professional training once again. Would like to spend more time with you guys!”

– GlaxoSmithKline


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