Senate Estimates Hearing Training

Be on the front foot, not on the ropes, when you come before the Senate Estimates committee

Answering tough and unexpected questions at a Senate Estimates hearing can discourage even the most experienced public servant. Our courses, conducted by highly trained media professionals, arm trainees with the ability to respond to difficult questions in a calm and confident manner.

Preparation before the Senate Estimates hearings has proven to greatly assist in conquering performance nerves, and to provide your organisation’s personnel with techniques to stay on message in the face of aggressive questioning.

Why risk reputational damage from negative media coverage due to lack of preparation?


Senate Estimates Performance Skills

This training is aimed at senior representatives who will be required to answer questions at a Senate Estimates hearing.  These courses are highly interactive and intensive, and with a limited number of trainees, are customised to the individual needs of those attending.

The focus of these sessions is on building performance skills and preparing trainees for every conceivable curveball.  Particular attention is given to the issues relevant to the trainee.

The training focuses on two communication models. PUSH© and Satisfy & Shoot©, to enable trainees to structure answers effectively and maximise impact.


Senate Estimates Awareness

Designed for junior to middle management and support staff, this course provides an overview of what a Senate Estimates committee hearing is about, who attends, and the specific preparation and protocols required of agency representatives.  It covers how to prepare information and messages, as well as general presentation techniques.  Following this training, participants will feel confident in having gained an understanding of the process and skills required when called to a hearing.



  • Senate Estimates communication theory
  • Protocols
  • Performance skills and answering questions, including questions on notice
  • Delivery and impression
  • Simulations and role plays
  • Comprehensive playback and trainer review and analysis
  • Individual written reports and a digital download of performances



  • Understanding and crafting a powerful opening statement
  • Knowing how to develop effective key messages
  • Techniques to stay on message
  • Anticipating what questions are coming
  • Answering tough and unexpected questions
  • Skills to handle aggressive questioners
  • Your performance nerves conquered
  • Feeling relaxed before, during and after the hearing
  • Finding your courage
  • Being yourself


If you would like to find out more about our Senate Estimates Hearing training, please contact us today on the following numbers around Australia:

Melbourne : 03 9510 6000 | Sydney : 02 9905 8266 | Canberra : 02 6282 8660 | Brisbane & Perth : 1800 18 33 43


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